4S Webs – Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions relate to projects carried out within the context of 4S Webs Design, which is a trading name of 4Sight Systems and Consulting Ltd. The ‘Contractor’ shall mean 4S Web Design/4Sight Systems & Consulting Ltd and the ‘Client’ shall mean the person and/or firm and/or company on behalf of whom the proposal/agreement/work is commissioned/undertaken.

1. Project Preparation

  1. The Contractor will provide the Client with an estimate of the total costs associated with the delivery of the project, usually by email. In the case of smaller projects (usually less than £500.00 value) the initial email estimate will be deemed as the project cost. In the case of larger projects a quotation detailing all the various costs elements can be provided in writing if requested by the Client.
  2. If requested by the Client, the Contractor will normally arrange to visit the Client to discuss the project requirements before project costs are agreed, costs associated with any pre-project meeting being the responsibility of the Contractor.
  3. Commissioning of the project will usually follow receipt of the cost estimate, agreement to proceed being accepted from the Client by email, acceptance confirmation implies agreement from the Client to the estimated costs supplied.

2. Project

  1. The Client will provide the Contractor with any information/materials as may reasonably be required to complete the Client’s project and will answer queries and provide decisions and approvals as and when requested by the Contractor.  The Client is responsible for ensuring that such information/material/answers are given promptly and are accurate and complete.
  2. The Contractor cannot be held responsible for delays in completing the project due to the Client’s inability to provide information in a timely fashion and/or delays in any other 3rd party actions.
  3. The project will commence once the Client has provided all the necessary details/materials as outlined in the project estimate/quote.
  4. Initial drafts/samples will be provided to the Client by the Contractor once ‘first pass’ designs and layouts are available.
  5. The Client will then have the opportunity to request changes, additions or omissions from the draft. Once these changes have been submitted to the Contractor changes to design/layout/content will be done and re-submitted for approval.
  6. If the Client is not satisfied with the initial draft, he/she may request a completely new draft design based on his/her specific ideas, providing that design falls within the scope of the initial project principles. Any such ideas must provided in detail and must be completely clear to the Contractor.
  7. However, if the Client instructed the Contractor on a particular layout prior to the start of the project and subsequently changes his/her mind, the Contractor will be entitled to charge for the 1st draft in full before continuing with the 2nd draft, costs being in proportion to the overall contract total if not detailed separately in the original estimate/quote.
  8. Following on from point 6 above, the Contractor will then compile a 2nd draft within the scope and cost of the project, if the 2nd draft is not deemed satisfactory by the Client they will be free to withdraw from the project, but all design work done to that point will remain the property of the Client.
  9. Once a draft has been finally approved, this will be deemed as the final design and any further major changes will be chargeable at rate of £25/hr or by separate quotation.
  10. Thereafter the web site will be compiled and functionality, content, basic search engine optimisation and other items added.
  11. Any graphics/images purchased on behalf of the Client will be obtained from stock Royalty-Free image houses and the use of the images on the Clients site will therefore be covered under the terms of the purchase licence held by the Contractor. Such images can only be used in conjunction with the website or on marketing material used directly by the Client. The Client is not entitled to re-sell or distribute such stock images to 3rd parties for their re-use.
  12. Once all content and functionality has been built into the site, the Client will be given the opportunity to browse the web site content and request changes, additions and alterations (within the bounds of the initial quoted proposal) to ensure that the site has been completed to the desired standard and with the required features as requested in any approval correspondence.

3. Going Live

  1. During the project development stage and when the project nears completion, the Contractor will provide the Client with opportunities to view the site online in its final form.
  2. The Contractor will then ask the Client if they are happy to go live with the site and once the client has confirmed (in writing/email) that they are happy to go live, the Contractor will make the index page live and the site will be regarded as live on the Internet. The Contractor will also release the site to the main search engines (including Google and Bing) and will lodge a sitemap with the search engines to prompt crawling and indexing.
  3. The project will be deemed as complete once the index page (home page) of the web site has gone live on the Internet as per the Client’s instruction and is visible to at least Google and Bing search engines.

4. Support After Project Completion

  1. Once the site has gone live on the Internet, minor changes of text/images/links will be provided without charge in the first 12 months, within the context of the support specified within the original project estimate, these changes being done in a timely fashion (normally with 7 days) by the Contractor. Any major changes that involve redesign work following completion of the project will be costed for separately at a rate of £25/hour.
  2. Where Clients have requested swebsite that include content management systems or where the Client has the ability to edit the data on the site themselves, any changes made by the Client that affect the proper functioning of the system will not be covered within the general support costed into the initial project costs.
  3. Wherever possible the Contractor will attempt to accommodate clients and assist them, however if problems on the site are found to have been caused by the client’s own maintenance of the system, correction of such faults will be chargeable at the rate of £25/hour where corrective work takes longer than 1 hour.
  4. Where Clients decide not to continue the use the hosting services of the Contractor following completion of the project, all materials provided by the Client will be returned to them and any domains registered on their behalf will be transferred to them and/or an alternative host, providing that no payments to the Contractor are outstanding.
  5. Any problems post-contract should be directed to office@4swebs.co.uk

5. Deposits and Payments

  1. Any requirement for a deposit or staged payments will be agreed within the context of the initial project proposal, any such payments being made by the Client on request from the Contractor.
  2. Upon completion of the project, payment of any outstanding balance of the quoted amount is required within 14 days.
  3. Additional work carried out over and above the initial quoted amount will be recorded and billed at £25/hr, payment being made following completion of the additional work, or at the end of the project, as determined by the Contractor.
  4. Payment for projects, website updates, consulting, domain registration, hosting and web development work to websites is required within 14 days of submission of an invoice. If payment is not received within 14 days the Contractor reserves the right to remove any web development and/or update work done to the site.
  5. Following completion of a project all materials supplied by the Contractor remain the property/copyright of the Contractor, whereas all design elements, graphics developed, source code etc. remain copyrighted to the Contractor, the project outputs being delivered and displayed under licence to the Client.
  6. Clients are NOT free to copy, reproduce, redistribute and/or re-sell any elements of a project design, graphics developed, source code built by the Contractor without express permission in writing from the Contractor.
  7. Payment for web hosting/support is required in advance for the year specified. If payment is not received within 30 days of the invoice being submitted, the Contractor reserves the right to suspend the hosting account until such time as payment has been received in full for the hosting period. The Contractor reserves the right to remove any website material from the web space if hosting payments remain outstanding for more than 60 days and to refuse reactivation of the account.
  8. The contractor reserves the right to embark on debt chasing actions as deemed appropriate if a payment remains outstanding beyond the invoice date.
Any queries regarding the above terms and conditions should be directed to office@4swebs.co.uk